Urban Thinkscape

Urban Thinkscape

Urban Thinkscape is an initiative to integrate the benefits of playful learning into the urban fabric.

The project aims to transform learning outcomes for children (preschool through elementary-age) by changing existing public spaces to create environments that encourage playful learning and interaction among children, parents, and caregivers—in the neighbourhoods where they live.

In collaboration with prominent psychologists Prof. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Prof. Roberta Golinkoff, the pilot for Urban Thinkscape includes impact assessment by a team at Temple University with pre and post installation data gathering.

The project aims to have three levels of community impact:

  • Families will be more engaged and interactive with the public space.
  • Caregiver-child discourse around public spaces will be increased in ways that create hotspots for learning and enhanced family interaction.
  • Families will begin to understand and change their attitudes regarding the links between play and learning and the utility of everyday environments for fostering children’s learning.

This pilot was made possible with the support of the William Penn Foundation and Kaboom