Hume in the press and other mentions

Kinship in the City: Urban Loneliness and the Built Environment

Mention of Itai Palti’s work in the Conscious Cities movement “Since launching in 2013, the Future Spaces Foundation has undertaken a series of projects to rethink the spaces we inhabit, striving to make them more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive as we move into the future. People have always been at the heart of what we…

Future Spaces Foundation

Gray fingers: Aging Singapore uses gardening to fight loneliness

“Urban planners need to rethink how they design cities by making mental and social wellbeing a priority”


How to Design a Home That Boosts Wellbeing

Hume Director Itai Palti speaks to Houzz about neuroscientific studies is being used to help create spaces that will improve the well-being of those who live in them.


Workshop with Playbour exhibition participants

Read up on Hume’s involvement at Playbour

Architecture and Neuroscience Collide to Create Conscious Cities

Future cities need to be healthier and respond to human needs, which is calling for a new profession: the Conscious Design Consultant.

Pop Up City

Interview: Itai Palti on the Conscious Cities Movement

The Conscious Cities movement is rethinking the urban landscape using neuroscience, AI and human-centred design. Is this the future of architecture?

The Possible

Opinion: Atlanta Needs More Spaces for Play and Creativity

Experts from across the nation and world recently came to Atlanta to describe their visions for how our city could become an international model for creating better places for children and their families to thrive.


Could our future cities use technology to bring fun and surprise into our lives?

Itai Palti speaks to CLAD on how emotionally-aware urban environments could add a necessary element of fun and surprise into our day-to-day lives.

CLAD Global