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Our Services

01 Strategic Brief

A Strategic Brief is the result of a research and ideation process that identifies a project’s objectives and outputs. Hume engages the project stakeholders, as well as carrying out market and ecosystem research to define a project’s unique approach and narrative. A literature review carried out by Hume helps our clients understand what behavioural science is indicating are the most important aspects of the user experience.

02 Scientific Insights

Science-Informed Design Report

We produce reports that focus on specific environments or aspects of a user experience. Our research process includes a literature review and macro trend analysis, leading to the translation of insights into practical recommendations for organisations pivoting towards an evidence base.

Project Specific Insights

Cognitive Journey

A Cognitive Journey defines the most important aspects of the user experience to be addressed through design. Hume applies a unique methodology to translates scientific insights into a format that gives practical and useful experiential objectives for clients and designers.

Design Guidelines

Project specific: Hume translates insights into design guidelines that can either inform the design process of the client’s chosen architect, or Hume’s own in-house design studio. These insights tend to fall into two categories: (1) Insights for more informed design decisions, including mapping of important spatial qualities. (2) Identification of a design’s spatial qualities that should evolve over time to continuously improve the user experience

03 Design


Concept Design

Concept Design involves the translation of scientific insights into a design for a space or place. Usually this is a direct continuation of our Strategic Brief and Scientific Insights processes. Our concept designs can be used as guides for other architects to develop detailed design, or can be the basis of a full design service.

Full Design

Hume is an architecture and urban design practice offering full design services including detailed design, construction drawings and on-site supervision. If the project is in a region in which Hume doesn’t have a local presence, we partner up with a local architect, project manager or contractor to deliver.

04 Conscious Design

Conscious Design Interface

Conscious Design means spaces that are aware and responsive to their users, interacting through a real-time user-building dialogue. Our Human Metrics Lab creates a data strategy and an interface for this dialogue to occur and for a client to keep track of an environment’s performance. Such a dialogue also creates valuable project-specific insights to continuously improve the user experience over time.

Measurement Tools

Our in-house research group, the Human Metrics Lab can create tools for projects to gather data relating to the performance of a space.