Chapter contribution by Itai to new human-centred urbanism book

28.04.19 Hume Director Itai Palti has co-written a chapter with Dr. Claire McAndrew for a new book on human-centred urbanism. The book can be purchased directly from publishers Bloomsbury or Amazon. Book description Designing Cultures of Care brings together an international selection of design researchers who, through a variety of design approaches, are exploring the ways in which design intersects with cultures of care.  This book aims to provide readers – both academics and practitioners – with insights into the possibilities and challenges of designing cultures of care. The disciplines represented in this collection include architecture, visual communication, participatory and social design, service design, critical and speculative design interventions and design ethnography. These case studies will provide real world insights that have relevance and value to design students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to researchers at all levels within and outside of the academy.

Future forecasting from Itai on how workplaces will need to support creativity

16.04.2019 Hume Director Itai Palti contributes to future forecasting publication L:SN on how science can inform the design of future workplaces that will need to support inspiration and creativity. “It’s about the experience of moving from different kinds of spaces, being drawn to external stimuli but also having the time to let our minds wander” Read the full article here

Strategic Briefing workshop kicks-off Landsec London project

10-04-2019 Hume delivered a Strategic Briefing workshop for a new project by developer Landsec and architecture practice Gensler. Hume and the Human Metrics Lab will work on collaborating with the project’s architecture team to deliver a groundbreaking new science-informed design to a large commercial project in Central London.

Human Metrics Lab lead Natalia speaks on Neuroarchitecture at the Polish Academy of Science

02-04-2019 Natalia had a pleasure of speaking in the seat of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) in Krakow. Her talk was a reflection on how we can improve spaces and users’ experience by linking architectural design with research from neuroscience. She also discussed her academic experience at the University IUAV program ‘Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design’.

Hume Director joins ANFA’s Advisory Council

Hume Director Itai Palti and Hume’s Advisory Board members Susan Magsamen and Sarah Williams Goldhagen have joined the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture’s Advisory Council.

Itai Palti contributes to Van Alen Report on Learning Landscapes

“Early childhood is a critical stage for healthy brain development. While good public policy and public health have important roles to play in improving outcomes, architect Itai Palti, director of Studio Hume and designer of the Urban Thinkscape project in West Philadelphia, believes architects and planners can help as well. In this article from Van Alen Report 20, Itai spells out a recipe to build opportunities for learning and creativity on every sidewalk, bus stop, and corner of the city and offers advice for scaling up the impact of these learning-based interventions.”