Articles and Papers from Hume

How weather affects the experience of the city

Why should cities be designed to mitigate bad weather, and how we stand to benefit?

Life as the Meshwork: Review of Tim Ingold’s “Making: Anthropology, Archeology, Art and Architecture”

Natalia Olszewska, our Lab Lead has contributed to the 2019 edition of Intertwining Magazine, a publication focused on architecture and neuroscience.

Seek: Its New Meaning for Conscious Cities

“Designing Cultures of Care brings together an international selection of design researchers who, through a variety of design approaches, are exploring the ways in which design intersects with cultures of care.”

Book Chapter: Designing Cultures of Care

The healthcare community needs to champion healthy and sustainable urban living spaces

We need to look beyond disease and individual sector silos and take into account the potential of the social and built environment to both prevent disease, and also contribute to it.

British Medical Journal

Urban Thinkscape: Infusing Public Spaces with STEM Conversation and Interaction Opportunities

How can we transform places where people gather or wait into hubs for interaction and playful learning?

Journal of Cognition and Development

Is mass transit a poisoned chalice? how transit systems may be damaging social wellbeing

A call to investigate the social costs of prioritising investment in public transport systems.

Cities & Health Journal

Science-led surrounds will enhance tomorrow’s productivity

As automation and artificial intelligence (AI) shift the future of productivity in favour of human creativity, how will workplaces support something so seemingly elusive?

The Future Laboratory

Introducing and Sustaining Learning in Urban Environments

Piece on building opportunities for learning and creativity on every sidewalk, bus stop, and corner of the city and strategies for scaling up the impact of these learning-based interventions.

Van Alen Report 20

Science-led Surroundings Will Enhance Tomorrow’s Productivity

When it comes to future workplace, architects should be thinking about dynamic surroundings that drive divergent thinking.

LS:N Global

Creativity will be the source of our next industrial revolution, not machines

As robots increasingly take on manual labor, we will need to foster what differentiates human from machine: creativity.


A manifesto for conscious cities: should streets be sensitive to our mental needs?

Rapid developments in behavioural science and data technology offer the prospect of urban streetscapes helping to alleviate ailments such as stress, anxiety and boredom – and even reducing the likelihood of crowd trouble.

The Guardian